20 Pounds – Eye Of The Storm

20Pounds is a super group of underground lyricists from Arizona composed of Jalopy Bungus, Ma$termind, Pariah Pete and Shrub Head. Jalopy Bungus who seems to be leading the pack has a natural born charisma that immediately attracts people to his rhymes. The MC boast that he performed on stage with sandals on and criticizes industry rappers as living in fantasies. Ma$termind follows up Bungus with the anti-mainstream movement and encourages others to use their intellect to progress the world. Around the 3 minute mark producer Nawlidge Nick changes up the bell chime beat and reverses the instrumental completely. On the 3rd and 4th verse Pariah Pete and Shrub Head totally obliterate the beat with their hypness and rawness of words. If you liked this video, check out Under Society’s Cypher.20pounds


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