20 Pounds – No Peace

Holy. Shit. This was one video that you really had to focus on before speaking about it. Visionary director Garin Chadwick produced in our opinion the video of the year. “No Peace” video touches upon so many sensitive social media controversies, that’ll have you re-evaluating your life.  You really have to pay attention to the details of the video, the words of the lyrics.. you really have to soak this one in. Every scene, every artist, tells their own story.


From the get the first scene is really graphic as Pariah Pete unleashes some pent up rage that ultimately ends in his demise. Pete speaks on the topic of domestic abuse and in the end, how it could turn out for the people present along when fighting your own anger. Jalopy Bungus speaks about literally having no peace. He brings up the fact that police won’t hesitate to take a life under faulty circumstances. He dropped some serious bars on some Confucius type shit. The hardest line of the song is when Bungus raps “Those who understand the most, know they understand nothing”. It was like whoa. MA$TERMiND speaks about things we all know too well within our city; drug deals and just how ruthless these streets are.


The ending, of course speaks in today’s society.. everyone is quick to record a life taken too soon. It was eerily similar to the late XXXtentacion death. We can die any moment and people choose to pull out their phone instead. Check your priorities. Overall this is a video with a deep story to tell and it’s personally the best video we have seen all year. 20POUNDS knows truth in their music.



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