11th Son – SAFE

This review is going to consist of the story portrayed in my head after watching the video.

There was so much going on, and so much being said so I’m going to break it down like this: you never know someone’s true intentions. In the beginning of the video, you kind of having scene where he’s in the whip with who I presume he thought were his boys until they turned on him. Then he runs into two men wearing masks and that moment right there was the moment that had me saying what I just said; you never know someone’s intentions and them wearing masks kind of puts you in this reality like okay, everyone just puts on this façade but deep down.. who are they? & the whole scene with the kid playing catch, to me, it’s like this visualization that this could be a young king’s reality growing up in Arizona. Arizona is a grimey place, no matter who wants to disagree.. where we come from can be pretty ruthless and “Safe” is just an Arizona story. It ends with 11th Son face to face with himself and that without words explains that your only enemy is yourself. My only take on that is you put yourself in situations with choices you make everyday, so be careful. Be Safe.


But I will always appreciate how 11th Son gets into his music.. he expresses so much emotion, passion and creativity. If there’s someone who really get into something, it’s 11th and his music.



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