Brought to you by Valley Club Records, here is a track by artist Chvrlie, whose name I have seen swirling around a few times but never heard a song in the flesh so this is my first time; along with Young Seize.   Just from the cover
Being shot in just an apartment complex type shit is tough because how you make yourself credible in video is more valuable than a way of living, feel me? For example, how can Trey Esco shoot a video in an apartment complex and make me
So i'm pleased to say that my second assignment on this platform is DELA PREME THE GLENDALIEN HIMSELF. I actually see many similarities between Dela Preme and Cash Lansky so this is perfect timing. Phoenix loves Dela Preme like Tucson loves Cash. They both really
I'm very pleased to say that my first assignment with this platform is Cash Lansky. Cash is a huge Tucson legend. If youre into AZ hip hop and not familiar with him, you really should be! I think I can speak for most when I

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